The BA in the Hellenic Studies at the Democritus University will help students develop the theoretical and practical skills that will enable them to understand various aspects of Greek culture and to become proficient in Greek.

The heritage language learning sector is increasingly aware of the need for highly trained educators. Graduates of this new program have the appropriate training to teach Modern Greek both to Greek heritage speakers in diaspora communities all over the world and to individuals who are interested in learning Modern or Ancient Greek.

The BA in Hellenic Studies has a double aim. First, we develop in our students a critical understanding of the Greek civilization, in order to strengthen scholarship, teaching and research skills in all aspects of Byzantine and modern Greek culture. In doing so, we are careful to explore the relationship of Byzantine and modern Greece to the Classical tradition and the Late Antique world.

Hellenic Studies is a discipline born from the coming together of areas such as philology, history archeology, linguistics, arts and archeology. Its key purpose is to investigate how knowledge derived from these fields can be used to enhance the understanding of, and research in, Greek culture.